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Male travel Nurse Smiling

Travel Nursing Statistics 2020

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Travel Nursing Statistics 2020-2021   Travel Nursing Statistics You Should Know When you are considering working in travel nursing, you should consider the statistics listed below. You will learn quite a lot if you understand how the industry works, how it is trending, and what you can do to be a part of it. As […]

implant denture statistics

Implant Denture Statistics

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Implant Dentistry Statistics for 2020 According to the Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than 30 million Americans are missing all of their teeth in at least one jaw. According to research discussed in PubMed, 0.7 percent of people had implants in 2000. That increased to 5.7 percent in 2016. The American Association of Oral and […]

AZ medical Cannabis Facts

Arizona Medical Marijuana Statistics

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Arizona Medical Marijuana Statistics 83% of the enrolled patients requested a permit to grow their own medical marijuana Medical marijuana edibles are detectable in the body for 30-days About 60% of medical cannabis patients in Arizona are male There were 113,277 new applications for medical cannabis in April 2019 25% of active cardholders in Arizona […]

Machine Learning Statistics

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Machine Learning Facts and Trend Statistics for 2019 While machine learning and artificial intelligence are not exactly the same, they are related. Machine learning is a part of AI, and by improving the ability of a machine to learn, it will also improve the speed at which a machine can function. As machine learning becomes […]

Personal Loan Statistics

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1. According to Lending Tree, in the last five years, the amount of money that consumers owe on personal loans has doubled. Consumers owe approximately $125 billion on personal loan debt. This is the highest amount than it has been in at least 10 years. For most Americans, personal loans make up 1.5% of their […]

Plumbing Statistics 2019

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  Plumbers and Plumbing Facts and Stats in 2019-2020 Statistics on plumbing in 2019 can highlight the impact this career has on the economy and society, and vice versa. 1. Over the course of the last five years, the number of working plumbers in the industry in the United States has increased by a total […]

Bad Credit Facts

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Bad Credit Facts How credit bureaus calculate your credit score can be confusing and seem shrouded in secrecy. Americans may have lower credit scores than they anticipate. Because of these bad credit scores, consumers face significant hurdles in terms of obtaining financing for their lifestyle choices often referred to as bad credit no credit loans. […]

Graffiti Statistics United States

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Graffiti in the United States: 9 Statistics and Facts Graffiti has been around for about a century and has always been generally correlated with gang activity and the downturn of urban areas. But who is really creating all of that graffiti, and what does it truly mean for the areas in which it pops up? […]

California Real Estate Statistics

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  California Real Estate Facts and Statistics 2018-2019 If you are a real estate investor or simply someone who is interested in living off the grid, you should be aware of an important California real estate law that could affect your plans. In California, purchasing real estate without the attendant water rights to the land […]

Mortgage Statistics

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Mortgage Statistics 2018- 2019 With the median home price in the United States floating around $200,000, most Americans simply can’t afford to purchase homes. However, they are able to make their dreams of home ownership come true with the help of mortgages. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in purchasing a home in […]