Travel Nursing Statistics 2020

Travel Nursing Statistics 2020-2021


Travel Nursing Statistics You Should Know
When you are considering working in travel nursing, you should consider the statistics listed below. You will learn quite a lot if you understand how the industry works, how it is trending, and what you can do to be a part of it. As you read, remember that these eight statistics:

  • 1. 1.1 million jobs created by 2022
  • 2. DC Offers Highest Salaries For Travel Nurses
  • 3. Social media screening rose by 500%
  • 4. The National Average Salary is just over $74,000
  • 5. 38% Of Travel Nurses Do It For The Adventure
  • 6. A 20-Year High In Travel Nursing Demand Is Attributed To The ACA
  • 7. Travel Nurse Assignments Range From 4-13 Weeks
  • 8. Travel Nursing Has A Year-To-Year Growth Of 44%
  • 9. Men Fill A Small Percentage Of Travel Nursing Jobs

1. 1.1 Million Jobs Are Expected To Be Created By 2022

Travel nursing jobs are growing at an exponential rate. It is expected that 1.1 million jobs will be created by 2022, and that number will only grow over time. The American population is getting older, people are living longer, and medical treatment can be provided to extend life, manage conditions, and even help with disasters or pandemics. Therefore, you should get into the industry so that you can gain experience and possibly manage travel nurses when the industry grows even more.

2. DC Offers Highest Salaries For Travel Nurses

The District of Columbia offers the highest average salary for travel nurses. At $84,000, you can make quite a lot of money in DC. You may also want to work with an agency that is based in DC. The city is surrounded by massive suburban communities in Maryland and Virginia, and the city itself is filled with people who need medical care.

3. Social Media Screening Rose By 500%

As travel nurses are hired to meet the ever-increasing demands of hospitals, social media screening is rising. There has been a 500% increase in screening through social media. This means that anyone who is applying for a travel nursing job should be mindful of what they post on social media. You want your social media pages to clean, professional, and fun without being offensive or off-putting.

Social media has gotten people in all industries in trouble, and you may want to make your personal social media channels private, change your name for security purposes, and ensure that you remove old posts that no longer reflect your current state of mind.

4. The National Average Salary Is Just Over $74,000

While DC offers the highest average salaries, the national average salary for travel nurses is around $74,000. This is a very good salary for someone who will also have their travel and lodging paid for. You can live a comfortable life when you are not working, and you will have extra money to spend when you get to a new city.

This average will continue to rise as the demand for travel nurses grows and more travel nurses take control of their pay. Someone who has quite a lot of experience in a certain field or has worked with certain facilities before can command an even higher price because they are experienced and know the facility.

5. 38% Of Travel Nurses Do The Job For The Adventure

Travel nurses do the job for a lot of reasons. Some of them want to help because they feel that is the least they can do during trying times. Some nurses want to travel because it is a change from the job they have done for many years, and some do it for the money.

Travel nurses also go to different parts of the country because they feel like the last line of defense. They have almost a military mindset because they know they are showing up to save the day. Even more travel nurses do the job for the adventure. If you go to unique places around the country, you can see amazing things. You might have a day off to hike in an amazing place, or you might visit famous restaurants. You might see celebrities, or you might travel to attractions that people never get to visit.

You can chronicle a life in travel nursing with just the pictures you take as you tour each city you visit, and that can make the job well worth it.

6. A 20-Year High In Travel Nursing Demand Is Attributed To The ACA

The Affordable Care Act has been linked to a 20-year high in travel nursing demand. This is because more people have insurance, more people have a chance to get the care that they need, and more nurses are needed to help these patients. This is a fairly simple thing to understand, but you should realize that the current American discourse is “Medicare for All”.

If Medicare for All is passed into law, the demand for nurses could double, triple, or even quadruple as everyone in the country receives the healthcare they need. If you are in nursing school or thinking about going into travel nursing, you should start now so that you can be a part of a massive expansion of the industry.

7. Travel Nurse Assignments Range From 4-13 Weeks

Travel nurse assignments can range from 4-13 weeks depending on the facility and the situation. Travel nurses will spend at least a month in one location, and that allows them to truly get used to working in that space. At the same time, these nurses could stay for us to three months based on how many patients need care or how overcrowded the facility is.

Travel nurses also have the option to ask for certain assignment dates. This may coincide with major life events, or nurses may want to work for long periods in one place because they know that these facilities need long-term assistance.

8. Travel Nursing Has A Year-To-Year Growth Of 44%

Travel nursing has year-to-year growth of about 44%. This is massive growth in an industry that will only continue to expand. Nurses can expect that they can make more money every year, and they will see more opportunities in the future. If you would like to travel to different places around the country.

If you would like to start a travel nursing agency, you can expect the industry to grow so much that you can begin to fulfill the needs of the facilities you have worked for. You can work with people that you have gotten to know, and you can help them find new nurses. You can turn your life on the road into an office job that allows you to give young nurses better jobs.

9. Men Fill A Small Percentage Of Travel Nursing Jobs

While male nurses are more accepted in nursing positions, they still make up a small percentage of the travel nursing workforce.


These statistics give you an idea of how much the field is thriving, how many opportunities you can create for travel nurses, and how easy they will be to find. You should also consider going into this field because it provides you with high salaries, adventure, and opportunities to work in the world’s best facilities.