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Engagement Ring Statistics

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Engagement Ring Statistics 2018-2019 2 months salary is what men typically spend on engagement rings – source 2018 Average engagement diamond ring is $6.3K – source December 25th Christmas Day is the most utilized day for proposals – source Birthday proposals are a bad idea for getting engaged – source Millennials […]

Vaping Statistics

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Vaping Statistics 2019 Vaping is one name for using an electronic device to heat up a liquid, which creates a vapor cloud that the user inhales. The “e-liquid” is usually made up of a mix of nicotine in a liquid form, chemical flavorings, and other substances. Many people use e-cigarettes in an effort to quit […]

Interior Design Statistics

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Average Pay for Interior Designers Average Interior Designer Yearly Salary in the United States is $51,914. Starting pay is around $24,311 a year High end incomes are close to $92,504. How many years does it take to be a interior designer? A degree in interior design takes 2-4 years of schooling Bachelors 3-4 Associates 2-3 […]

Hurricane Harvey Claims Statistics

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  Below you will find more Hurricane Harvey Claims Statistics   Single family homeowners in the area reported 245935 Hurricane Harvey claims at just under 26%, only 63535 are reported as closed. The remaining (60%) 146479 are unpaid closed claims, leaving just (15%) 35921 open. Multi-Family properties in the area reported 122566 Hurricane Harvey claims […]

Zip Code Maps

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Below are some of the better zip code maps we were able to locate for the USA Search here for more zip code maps in your state or city.

Tattoo Tips and Facts

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Taking Care of Your Tattoo Tips for Everyone  Most people do expect a little pain when getting a tattoo. However, there might be a few other consequences from the tattoo ink that a little unexpected. There are a few studies that show 10-percent of the people who get tattoos have had some form of adverse […]